Python is an efficient object-oriented programming language, which is used to make CGI scripts and web applications. It features very clear syntax and it allows third-party modules - sets of variables plus subroutines, which can be called in a script, saving you time when you're writing an application, since you'll be able to call some module instead of writing the program code for the things that your module does. Just a couple of examples of the programs that you'll be able to make using Python are database management interfaces, Internet browser games, web-based education tools, content management systems, scientific data processing software tools, and many more. You will be able to install Python script software in your sites even when you have applied some other web programming language to build them, which will allow you to integrate many different options.

Python in Shared Website Hosting

All the Linux shared website hosting service that we provide are compatible with Python, so if you'd like to add a script written in this language to a site hosted on our hi-tech cloud platform, you will not have any kind of troubles to run it. The Apache mod_python module that renders the interpretation of Python code possible is available on all of our servers. You are able to use your own private program code, third-party scripts or modules, or you may combine them and set up a tailor-made web app based on your preferences, depending on what the application should do. In this way, you'll be able to expand the capabilities of your sites and boost the user experience of all of your visitors. Python is a multifunctional programming language, which means that you'll be able to combine its capabilities with many things the other web-oriented languages offer and get the best of both.