What is Drupal?

Drupal is one of the most well–liked CMS platforms available. It gives you the opportunity to immediately produce virtually any web site – a personal blog, a forum, a media web site, an online store, etc. Drupal has always been lauded for it’s stability and security – which is why it’s already been chosen as the app powering quite a few of the biggest sites online, such as the Economist.com and WhiteHouse.gov.

Drupal counts on an extremely big & dynamic community. It has more than 500,000 contributors that produce web templates, addons and can assist you with any challenge you post in Drupal message board.

Drupal is a trademark of Dries Buytaert and is not affiliated with Hackingarise hosting.

Drupal–Optimized Linux Shared Website Hosting Service Services

With Hackingarise hosting’s Drupal Linux shared website hosting service solution, you will have your web site or app added on the www in just a few minutes. Simply pick Drupal in the web application drop–down menu on the order form and we will install your Drupal copy the minute we organize your web hosting account. This way you can start taking care of your site shortly after you log in.

Each Drupal Linux shared website hosting service package features a number of service guarantees that ensure the trouble–free operation of your websites. We’ll create your Drupal account totally free and will back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. On top of that, thanks to our 30–day money–back guarantee, you can easily demand your money back in case you’re not satisfied.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

For you to better maintain your website, each and every Drupal Linux shared website hosting service bundle incorporates the tailor made Web Hosting Control Panel. It’s designed by us to function specifically with Hackingarise hosting’s shared website hosting system. This gives it a critical advantage over other control panels – Hackingarise hosting’s Web Hosting Control Panel is substantially faster and a lot more reliable. Also, it allows you to simultaneously command your domain name plus your websites.

Furthermore, inside our Web Hosting Control Panel you will also find plenty of totally free tools and bonuses which can help you with your website. You’ll be able to make use of Hackingarise hosting’s drag–n–drop File Manager, our all–inclusive E Mail Manager, our Domain Names Manager with multi–domain controls, our App Installer that enables you to rather quickly install more than 40 unique web apps, our Website Acceleration Tools which will drastically improve the overall speed of your web sites and much, much more.